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We’re proud to present our latest infographic, The Rise of the new App Economy – presenting some of the key findings and insights from our Developer Economics 2012 research report

Which app stores are really making money for developers?

Which app stores are really making money for developers?

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, bada and others are locked in a winner-takes-all battle – and everything revolves around an ecosystem. This infographic presents key figures for each of our competing platforms, smartphone penetration per region – but it also shows what happened to platforms that didn’t make it.

[Infographic] Beyond Siri: the next frontier in User Interfaces
 - Breaking down the virtual assistant market and showcases key players, Android vs. iOS downloads and revenues, as well as the evolution of VA technology from the phone assistant to the lifestyle buddy 

New Developer Economics survey on mobile platforms, app stores and the developer ecosystem

Mozilla Boot2Gecko: can the new HTML5 champion succeed where webOS failed?

Cross-Platform Developer Tools 2012 is the seminal report on the landscape of 100+ cross-platform developer tools with an analysis of key vendors and the metrics of developer experience - The full 90+ page report is available for free download

[Infographic] 100 Million Club - Top facts & figures of the smartphone market for 2011 (click to see the full infographic)

The launch of the Lumia line marks the pivotal point in the Microsoft-Nokia partnership. But how successful will it be? Read the full article for more…

VisionMobile: Microsoft+Nokia

The golden era for telcos is slowly coming to an end, as they face increasing pressure from OTT (Over the Top) players, like Viber and Skype. Read more, as we discuss the future of voice telephony